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    Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations.


    Social & Collaborative Apps
    3D Modeling Apps
    Simulation Apps
    Information Intelligence Apps
    Real time 3DEXPERIENCE

    Social and Collaborative Application
    Working in unstructured and structured environments

    3D Modeling Applications
    Shaping ideas into reality

    Simulation Applications
    Where virtual worlds meet reality

    Information Intelligence Applications
    Revealing and Dashboarding

    3DXCITE Marketing in the Age of Experience 3DXCITE? software, solutions, and CGI services provide high-end 3D visualizations in real-time for high-impact storytelling across all media channels. More on 3DXCITE
    CENTRICPLM Centric Software’s Innovations Meet Centric’s market driven solutions that are fast to deploy, easy to use and designed to drive business growth. More on CENTRICPLM
    ENOVIA Collaborative Innovation ENOVIA? delivers new levels of 3D digital collaboration including PDM, design data management and (BOM) Bill of materials softwares in companies large and small. ENOVIA allows companies to fully master the creation and lifecycle management of products whether they are complex or simple. More on ENOVIA
    SOLIDWORKS Inspiring Innovation SOLIDWORKS? leads the global 3D computer-aided design (CAD) industry with easy-to-use 3D software that trains and supports the world's engineering and design teams as they drive tomorrow's product innovation. More on SOLIDWORKS
    CATIA Shape The World We Live In CATIA? is the world's engineering and design leading software for product 3D CAD design excellence. It addresses all manufacturing organizations, from OEMs through their supply chains, to small independent producers. More on CATIA
    GEOVIA Virtual Planet GEOVIA? is a world-leading solution for modeling and simulating our Planet to improve predictability, efficiency, safety and sustainability of our natural resources. More on GEOVIA
    BIOVIA Virtual Biosphere and Materials BIOVIA? provides a collaborative scientific enterprise environment for modeling, simulation, laboratory, and quality management for advanced biological, chemical, and materials innovation. More on BIOVIA
    SIMULIA Simulation for product, nature & life SIMULIA?, is defining new standards to establish Finite Element Analysis and realistic simulation softwares as an integral business process in the engineering value chain. More on SIMULIA
    DELMIA Global Industrial Operations DELMIA? is the modeling key software for delivering a digital manufacturing process environment to optimize production systems and processes. More on DELMIA
    3DVIA The Consumer Experience Brand 3DVIA? apps create that magical moment, when people immediately see and understand what you mean. For people in sales, product marketing, training, and support, 3DVIA creates engaging and intuitive 3D interactive apps that advance communications and accelerate learning. More on 3DVIA
    EXALEAD Data in Business EXALEAD? cognitive applications transform large volumes of heterogeneous, multi-source data into meaningful, real-time information intelligence to help users improve business processes and gain competitive advantage. More on EXALEAD
    NETVIBES Dashboard Intelligence NETVIBES offers an easy and fast way to create personalized dashboards for real-time monitoring, social analytics, knowledge sharing, and decision support. More on NETVIBES
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